Sunday, December 11, 2011

Help Others Dress For Success

I want to take a moment to break away from fashion - well, kind of - to tell you about a cause that's near and dear to my heart: Dress for Success. DFS is an organization that provides disadvantaged women who are applying for a job the option to come to DFS and get a job interview outfit. When the women arrive, they get their own personal shopper or fitting coach - that's me! and could be you! - who helps them find the perfect outfit, including a suit, top, shoes, bag, jewelry, etc. Whatever they need, they can pretty much get at DFS.

Plus, as a fitting coach, you have the privilege of not only helping them look their best but training them how to prepare for their interviews. Once they land the job, they get to come back and get fitted for work clothes that will last them at least one week! I love DFS because you get to impact an immediate transformation: women walk in without confidence and their head hanging low, but leave with a new belief in their ability and hope for their future. If you love fashion and love helping women in need, I encourage you to check out Dress for Success and find a chapter in your location - or start one yourself!

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