Monday, December 12, 2011

For the Glitter and Gold Obsessed

Happy holiday party season! While I break out the glitz all year long - morning, noon or night - the holiday season certainly lends itself to embracing glitter and glam. I always recommend starting slow, perhaps a great pair of glitter earrings or a shiny clutch. Then work your way up to a gold enhanced top or glitter pumps. But no matter how much of an expert you are with the gold, never, ever, ever overdo it. It will only end tacky.

Here are a few of my favorite glitter items that I call my own, as well as a few snapshots of those who do it right. Enjoy the shiny season!

Courtney's Closet:
Nine West pumps (a gift from my momma!)
At the theatre in a Michael Kors blouse: found here

J. Crew clutch (2010)

Photos that inspire:

Kate Moss

Yves Saint Laurent

1 comment:

Ruby Girl said...

I love the glitter pumps! just picked some up over the holidays actually and wore them for the first time this wknd. SO fun. and that blazer with the gold sleeves... amazing! xoxo!!