Saturday, May 21, 2011

No Doubt About It, This Girl's Got Style

Growing up, I was a major No Doubt fan. And when I say major I mean that my entire bedroom was covered with No Doubt posters and photos, I would buy every single magazine that featured the band, and of course, I would jam out to their Tragic Kingdom album every day. The driving force behind this band's success was not just their great music but even more so it was Gwen Stefani and her platinum blonde hair. She took on a style all of her own and she owned it.

To this day I am still infatuated by Gwen's fashion. But most recently, she has recently taken it to a WHOLE new level. Still edgy but a bit more glamour. It's no longer just interesting ... it's breathtaking. Gwen Stefani, I will always be your number one fan.

Cannes in her very own L.A.M.B. 

Cannes Film Festival in Armani Prive

In Stella McCartney


1 comment: said...

i grew up to no doubt's don't speak! she looks amazing here, especially in that armani privé gown :) have a lovely day, sweetie!

love, M