Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black and Cream

The weekend is almost upon us! After working long hours and having nonstop activities planned every evening or day for the past week, I am not going to feel guilty about taking some time to myself this weekend.

But perhaps you have some exciting, fancy plans lined up and need to dress your best! While most people gravitate toward black and white when they are trying to dress fashionable and classy, I think B&W is too easy and safe to be fashion forward. But when you pair up black and cream, this color combo can look soft, sexy, vintage and high fashion. So if you are looking for a stunning look in a less than expected way, try pairing black with neutrals like gold, beige or blush.


Ruby Girl said...

Whelp, I just successfully pinned about 10 photos from your blog onto my Pinterest. Are you on there yet? You would love. <3

Just. Love. Fashion. said...

Thanks for pinning some of my posted photos! I recently learned about Pinterest and love it.