Friday, June 29, 2012

Let the Bells Ring!

Happy Friday! Today I'm taking the day off from work to head to Chi-town for a friend's wedding. I am one of those people who just love weddings! I love the meaning of the gathering, the love in the room and the joy that flows from one to another. And let's not forget the food, drinks and opportunity to dress up!

As someone who is always checking out the best fashion in the room, poor wedding attire etiquette is one of my biggest pet peeves. So I thought I'd share a few rules that we all need to live by when dressing for a wedding.

1. NO all white. I don't care if it's an off-white dress or a short dress or pant suit. Don't wear all white. You can avoid it just this one day.
2. Guys, wear at least a tie or blazer. Just a dress shirt is way too casual and it shows that you are lazy or just don't want to be there.
3. Pick a dress that's appropriate for the wedding and setting. If it's a black tie affair, go with a formal gown. If it's an afternoon outdoor wedding, pick a cocktail dress with some color.
4. Don't show too much skin! Period.
5. And always, don't be afraid to make it a bit fashion-forward. Try a pumps that have leather straps that wrap around the ankles. Layer gold necklaces. Cinch at the waist with a neon belt. But stick to one of these trends so you don't look like a Christmas tree or that you are trying to upstage the bride - a SERIOUS no-no.

Here are a few of my favorite dress suitable for a wedding.



Alice and Olivia

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