Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rebound With Comforting Classics

After the last Christmas cookies have been eaten, the last gift has been opened and the last family member has departed, many of us are left with mixed emotions. Some are grieving that the joyous season has come to an end while others are looking forward to life that is back to normal and frankly some peace and quiet.

For me, it's a little bitter sweet. Christmas was a time to reconnect with my family that now lives across the nation, including Florida, Illinois, North Carolina and Wisconsin. There is nothing quite like having my husband, two sisters, mom and brother-in-law all in one house. We resort back to our youth and play video games in our pajamas while the aromatic kitchen teases us with sweet smells of warm chocolate chip cookies and freshly baked bread.

I miss that time dearly but I accept it as a moment that will come again in some shape or form. And for now, back to "life as usual" is good and somewhat comforting and exciting in it's own right. Whatever post-holiday looks like for you, I think we can all use some comfort for the soul which can be found in an oversized sweater, a chunky infinity scarf, or frankly, just a warm pair of wool socks!

J. Crew

Michael Kors

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