Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colder Weather Isn't All That Bad, Right?

A change in seasons brings out a flurry of emotions in me. (Pun intended.) I often find myself starting the day cursing the colder air and brisk wind but ending the day - as long as traffic isn't gridlock - blissfully gazing at the soft snowflakes in the air and inhaling the smells of hearty meals cooking from the homes as I head home from work.

Another perk of colder weather? A change in wardrobe! I love reinventing looks for the new season and seeking out new purchases that will refresh an old look. (Right now I'm on the hunt for a great pair of grey suede pumps and chunky gold link necklace.) Here are a few statement items that put a little spring back in my step as I pile on the layers.

Michael Kors

J. Crew

Lauren Elan
Michael Kors

J. Crew


l.schaechterle said...

i love the top sweater!

Just. Love. Fashion. said...

Yes, that sweater is amazing. I obsessed with Michael Kors Fall collection right now!